Friday, December 13, 2013

Distinguished Talent Visas for Australia

If you’re at the top of your game and known around the world within your industry, the Distinguished Talent Visa was created as your route to Australia. This visa is an unusual pathway to immigration, and provides a way for the world’s foremost artists, sportsmen, academics, and businessmen to live in Australia. 

Why Apply for a Distinguished Talent Visa?
This visa is used for long-term immigration to Australia, and lets you continue your career within Australia, study, and even apply for citizenship once you have achieved the further requirements.
Distinguished Talent Visa holders can: 
    - Live and work in Australia on a permanent basis
    - Study in Australia at school or university
    - Receive subsidised healthcare
    - Access some social security payments
    - Be eligible for Australian citizenship
    - Sponsor people for permanent residence
As you can see, the visa offers a range of fantastic benefits to holders and is extremely flexible on what you can and can’t do in Australia.
What are the Requirements? Nomination
Getting a nomination is an essential part of this visa. While there are criteria for you to fulfil, your nominator must also show that:
    - They have a national reputation in the same field as you
    - They can personally vouch for the your achievements and their standing in that area
The nominator can be an individual or an Australian organisation, but they must provide a compelling account of why they believe you have an ‘exceptional and outstanding’ record of achievement.
This visa typically requires more preparation that a temporary work visa application and you will need to present a variety of documents to build a good case for the immigration authorities.
While documentation may vary according to your field, applicants are typically asked to submit:
    - Certified or notarised copies of qualifications, awards, and certificates
    - Certified or notarised copies of unabridged birth certificates
    - Health examination results
    - Police clearance certificates
    - Nomination approval from the DIAC
    - A resumé that is current at the time of application
As this is an unusual visa, less formal documentation is often added to show proof of distinguished talent. Luckily, the immigration authorities will accept internet pages and sites as supporting documentation for your application. 
Proof of ‘Distinguished Talent’
To fulfil this visa’s requirements, you must build a case to show that your talent and prominence within the industry fulfil the following requirements:
    - International achievement: you must be well known internationally (within your field). Achievements must also be far-reaching and routine rather than one-offs. Most applicants need to supply a lot of proof for this particular requirement as publications and news items have to be collated from numerous countries and on an ongoing basis.
    - Current prominence: you must still be working in their field and considered current in your practice. Anybody who has not been active in their area for more than 2 years will not be considered current.
    - Asset to Australia:  your talents must be considered a benefit to Australia as a whole, not just your nominator and yourself. While this does not need to be an economic benefit (social and cultural benefits are considered), you do have to provide a case for why you would benefit the community within Australia.
    - Employability: you must show why you’d have no difficulty in obtaining employment, or explain how you plan to support yourself in Australia. This could include presenting contracts or offers of employment related to your field, or evidence of self-employment.

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